And when I say baby, I mean toddler on a mission to destroy and unfold.

This is gonna take forever.

Packing is so much fun with a baby.


I might be new at this but…

I’m guessing since my 13 month old’s poopy diaper smells like blueberry pie rather than poop that he is probably, most definitely, highly likely eating too many blueberries…

Just a guess. Shoot. Those are his fav!!

Cuddles are the best. Whether you’re the big or little spoon or a dog cornered on the couch by a super lovey 12 month old. Nothing better!

You know what I love?

Checking my baby’s diaper for poop by looking down the back side for any tracks of poop and getting poop on my finger and under my nails because I didn’t realize the poop was all the way to the last centimeter of the diaper’s edge. Love that.

This is the face of a baby who wins at life. Starting with defeating his mama at lunch time. Sigh. He’s so cute though.

Proud nursing mom moment - I feel like a superhero who just defeated the ugly villain MASTITIS FLU TEETH

So… I need to vent somewhere and it doesn’t feel appropriate to email my fellow nursing mothers because my pride and hardwork could be misunderstood for inconsiderate bragging. SO I WILL BRAG TO TUMBLR. DONE.

Short story: I lost my milk and got it back.

Long story: My tenth month old was having a harder time eating and I was attributing this to the fact that he seemed to have around the clock discomfort from a few teeth coming in at once. Then, I managed to catch the worst bodily explosion flu ever. The kind you wish upon your worst enemy. Not enough to kill them but just enough to make them wish they hadn’t eaten your bagel. That kind of flu. It was so bad that anything I ate, within twenty minutes… there it was in the toilet. Ugh. So awful. Yeah, so then I got mastitis because for some reason (maybe he felt like he was going to end up in the toilet if he drank my milk) but my baby really was refusing to nurse so HELLO mastitis. Sure, because while I was spending 89% of my time on the toilet I was overwhelmed with idle hands and the feeling that I needed to multi-task, might as well pump while sitting down, right? In related news there isn’t an outlet next to my toilet and there really should be.

I had a teething baby who wasn’t sleeping well, mastitis and a flu sending me into the bathroom for days. Guess what happened to my milk??? :( THAT was depressing. But, I am a fighter. I pumped & nursed as much as humanly possible, rented a super powered hospital grade pump, swallowed fenugreek like my life depended on it, ate oatmeal, avocado & pedialyte like someone was going to kill me and snatch my baby if I didn’t and VOILA! MAMA GOT HER MILK BACK. BOOYA!!!

Such an accomplishment. I am so proud of myself. In the thick of it all, I could only pump 1oz after pumping for a half hour… I just pumped tonight after nursing my son and got 5oz… AFTER NURSING MY SON. HALLELUJAH!

Formula is expensive. Did I mention my baby won’t drink it either? I tried to get him to take formula in his sippy cup because he seemed aggravated with how little I was producing and the boy spit it out. He spat out money. It’s okay… he’s so damn cute, I’m going to keep him.

Full disclosure: I’m a mom who works from home, with a very understanding husband and a supportive family who help me when I am exploding out of my butt and have an infected boob. I didn’t do this alone. BUT I DID IT, SO KISS MY ASS, MASTITIS FLU TEETH!

So proud.

Learning how to not bonk your head looks exhausting.

Thank god I’m not a baby anymore. Looks rough to have so many ideas in your head ultimately resulting in bonking your head.

Happy baby noises and lots of drool make for one cute video.

Every day. He plops his baby bum in front of the bookshelf and goes to town taking each book out and judging it by its cover. If he really likes it, he’ll crawl on over to me and sit nestled into my lap and I’ll read him the book up until he decides to get another one… repeat.

Completed design: wall mural for baby nursery

Completed design: wall mural for baby nursery

i have no idea what this is.

Hahahahaha. made me smile.

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