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I’m back!

It’s been awhile but I’m back on Tumblr! I was temporarily unavailable due to my King Coobah (aka my 5 month old baby boy) and his demands. As his servant I just couldn’t find the time to download the tumblr app to my phone so I could partake in the world outside his kingdom. Alas, he has granted me my request and I am here to connect with other common folk.

Yours Truly, The Boobs & Diaper Changer

Oh hey, I think I just figured out how to tag

So, as I was saying. “YAY!! No sleep”, is the story of my life right now. I am a new Mom with a wonderful Husband, living in a 3 generation household with a billion dogs including our Jack Russell (Remo) and Puggle (my first born, Keely). I think being a Mom is SUPER funny. I also miss sleep a lot but thanks to my professional degree in Architecture, I am very well accustom to not sleeping. THANKS, ARCH DEGREE! You may have completely misled me to believe I could survive in this economy with a fancy design degree, but you sure taught me how to function on 45minutes of sleep for an entire week! On that note, I think Architecture school and owning a Jack Russell terrier is all anyone needs to experience before becoming the best mom in the world, just sayin’. I like to dance and as soon as I drop the 150lbs I gained while pregnant, I will blog about how happy my life is as a dancer… As for all the other words I tagged, I am into those things too and I just might blog about it.