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Cuddles are the best. Whether you’re the big or little spoon or a dog cornered on the couch by a super lovey 12 month old. Nothing better!

This is the face of a baby who wins at life. Starting with defeating his mama at lunch time. Sigh. He’s so cute though.

Happy baby noises and lots of drool make for one cute video.

Every day. He plops his baby bum in front of the bookshelf and goes to town taking each book out and judging it by its cover. If he really likes it, he’ll crawl on over to me and sit nestled into my lap and I’ll read him the book up until he decides to get another one… repeat.

Baby giggles could be one of the best sounds on Earth! Watch and share this video! Help me get the # of views above 100! :-) We’ve been joking about if the video is viewed enough times we could meet my idol, Ellen Degeneres. Looks like we are nowhere near getting that kind of traffic but you should probably watch this video anyway. Bound to make you smile for at least a second or two. :-)

"Why don’t you people understand the words coming from my mouth?! I hungy!!"

My baby likes his Boppy.

First time touching the sand. He loved it!

First time touching the sand. He loved it!

Sometimes I feel exhausted from taking care of my baby all day and often that’s when he pulls out these kind of heart warming smiles. And then we start over and all is good in my mommy world.

My baby loves to smile! He thinks everything is SO funny. If you can’t make him smile you are probably a horrible human being.