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You know what I love?

Checking my baby’s diaper for poop by looking down the back side for any tracks of poop and getting poop on my finger and under my nails because I didn’t realize the poop was all the way to the last centimeter of the diaper’s edge. Love that.

Not intentionally being crude but baby poop is funny.

Has any parent out there experienced poopy diapers that smell like buttered popcorn? It’s the oddest thing… why… why doesn’t it smell like … not popcorn? He is a 3 month old breastfeed baby.

Oh well, I always know when he pooped in his diaper because it smells like a candy shop selling sweet buttered popcorn. So gross. But so true. I have gotten the opinion of outsiders and the smell is universal… popcorn. Yup, silly baby.