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Dear Baby Cooper,

You pulled yourself up tonight! You’ve done this multiple times already but tonight was the first time you did it in front if your daddy! We are so proud of you! You make your mommy truly happy when you smile ear to ear with pride over your newest accomplishment. We love you so much. Thank you for being our sweet coobear.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

The face of a boy who loves food! So far we’ve tried baby peas from the garden & rice cereal. He thought both were yummy, especially the spoon! Mmmm rubber spoon.

"Mmmma… MAMA!"

So my baby added the “mmm” sound to his babble vocab 2 days ago. Yesterday I got on video him babbling “mmmamama.” THIS morning he goes “mmmama mmm … MAMA!” Clear as day. I’m gonna guess 5 months is still baby babble but holy wow that shot me straight out of bed! Best sound ever!

I love being a Mom