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Late Night Parenting Math

Date night + nursing mom = pumping at 2am

Pumping at 2am + tired mom = spilled milk

Spilled milk + ‘f*ck it, I’m going to bed’ mom = milk stains

Milk stains + ‘oh that’s right time for bed must stop doing stupid math’ = anxious OCD dad

Anxious OCD dad + tired mom = date night

Consider yourself educated. Good night.

How about instead of crawling, I slither? Does that work for ya? Yeah, I’d rather slither. Thx.

I’m back!

It’s been awhile but I’m back on Tumblr! I was temporarily unavailable due to my King Coobah (aka my 5 month old baby boy) and his demands. As his servant I just couldn’t find the time to download the tumblr app to my phone so I could partake in the world outside his kingdom. Alas, he has granted me my request and I am here to connect with other common folk.

Yours Truly, The Boobs & Diaper Changer

Not intentionally being crude but baby poop is funny.

Has any parent out there experienced poopy diapers that smell like buttered popcorn? It’s the oddest thing… why… why doesn’t it smell like … not popcorn? He is a 3 month old breastfeed baby.

Oh well, I always know when he pooped in his diaper because it smells like a candy shop selling sweet buttered popcorn. So gross. But so true. I have gotten the opinion of outsiders and the smell is universal… popcorn. Yup, silly baby.

I love being a Mom