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Recipe for sweet smelling baby poop

Feed 1/4 cup rice cereal with milk to hungry baby. Puree banana and cinnamon to a smooth consistency. Feed to the still hungry never full piggy-hoggy baby.

Let it sit overnight in Chubalub belly for 12 hours. Change diaper. Voila. Banana bread.

My baby loves his puppy, Keely. He is always giggling when she is around. Warms my heart because after all Keely was my *first baby. :-) Also? I love his face when she walks away.

The face of a boy who loves food! So far we’ve tried baby peas from the garden & rice cereal. He thought both were yummy, especially the spoon! Mmmm rubber spoon.

Baby giggles could be one of the best sounds on Earth! Watch and share this video! Help me get the # of views above 100! :-) We’ve been joking about if the video is viewed enough times we could meet my idol, Ellen Degeneres. Looks like we are nowhere near getting that kind of traffic but you should probably watch this video anyway. Bound to make you smile for at least a second or two. :-)

"Why don’t you people understand the words coming from my mouth?! I hungy!!"