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I might be new at this but…

I’m guessing since my 13 month old’s poopy diaper smells like blueberry pie rather than poop that he is probably, most definitely, highly likely eating too many blueberries…

Just a guess. Shoot. Those are his fav!!

Learning how to not bonk your head looks exhausting.

Thank god I’m not a baby anymore. Looks rough to have so many ideas in your head ultimately resulting in bonking your head.

Seriously… how much more can this kid pull on my heart strings?

Just overheard Cooper giggling in his sleep. Thought he was awake, but nope. Probably just dreaming about monkeys & how much he’s got me wrapped around his little finger…manipulative lil dude.

Guh. Too cute. I’m in for it.

You can call me King Chubalub. I hungie.

"sleep training" our baby boy… so why does that mean I get no sleep? What happened?

He is sleeping through the night so now we are trying to wean him into sleeping in his own room. This means I’m sleeping in his nursery on the leather sofa until we get a monitor and I feel comfortable enough leaving him alone. (our nursery is far far FAR away from the bedroom). Few things worth taking note of while I’m not getting any sleep. A. Leather acts as a heater. B. Two clocks in the room have secondhand ticks that are half a second off and VERY LOUD. C. I’ve spilled more milk than I realized on this couch.


I couldn’t really tell you how many photos I have of him in this position. Apparently it never gets old. So cute when he is passed out from a good feeding.

My baby likes his Boppy.

I know my Mommyness is official because today I said (and did) …

"I got the most marvelous booger out of his nose today. He stopped sniffling. I felt so powerful."

"Oh SHIT I just squirted milk up his nose."

1am feeding

Dear Baby,

Midnight breastfeeding is the best but you know what is even better? 1am feedings. Go Baby! Congrats adding a whole hour to your sleep schedule! If you don’t mind, I’m going to lay right here pretending to be asleep until you wake up around 5am. Nightnight.

First time touching the sand. He loved it!

First time touching the sand. He loved it!

Goodbye left arm, the baby wins.

My arm is numb from by elbow to me pinky finger. The numbing is starting to burn…But my ‘I’m gonna fight naps forever and always’ baby is sleeping so goodbye left arm. I didn’t really use you too much anyways.

Sometimes I feel exhausted from taking care of my baby all day and often that’s when he pulls out these kind of heart warming smiles. And then we start over and all is good in my mommy world.

My baby loves to smile! He thinks everything is SO funny. If you can’t make him smile you are probably a horrible human being.