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I might be new at this but…

I’m guessing since my 13 month old’s poopy diaper smells like blueberry pie rather than poop that he is probably, most definitely, highly likely eating too many blueberries…

Just a guess. Shoot. Those are his fav!!

Cuddles are the best. Whether you’re the big or little spoon or a dog cornered on the couch by a super lovey 12 month old. Nothing better!

You know what I love?

Checking my baby’s diaper for poop by looking down the back side for any tracks of poop and getting poop on my finger and under my nails because I didn’t realize the poop was all the way to the last centimeter of the diaper’s edge. Love that.

This is the face of a baby who wins at life. Starting with defeating his mama at lunch time. Sigh. He’s so cute though.

Learning how to not bonk your head looks exhausting.

Thank god I’m not a baby anymore. Looks rough to have so many ideas in your head ultimately resulting in bonking your head.

Happy baby noises and lots of drool make for one cute video.

Every day. He plops his baby bum in front of the bookshelf and goes to town taking each book out and judging it by its cover. If he really likes it, he’ll crawl on over to me and sit nestled into my lap and I’ll read him the book up until he decides to get another one… repeat.

Question to the busy parents out there:

Annie Helen (@DesignerandMom) has shared a Tweet with you:

"DesignerandMom: How much would you pay a designer to create an album of your baby/family/vacation photos, saving you the time & energy of doing it yourself?" —

Planning Cooper’s First Bday Party

So far I know I want his baby friends and our adult friends at the same party. There may be beer. There may be grub food. That’s about as much as I’ve come up with.

Need help thinking of ideas! Anyone on Tumblr have any ideas or recommendations they want to share? An acquaintance of mine is having all their guests share a memory of her baby to be turned into a keepsake given to her when she turns 16. Cute, right?

Just waiting to get out of this creative slump I’m in. Brainstorm time! His bday is in February!

Dear Baby Cooper,

You pulled yourself up tonight! You’ve done this multiple times already but tonight was the first time you did it in front if your daddy! We are so proud of you! You make your mommy truly happy when you smile ear to ear with pride over your newest accomplishment. We love you so much. Thank you for being our sweet coobear.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Baby loves puppy. Baby learns how to crawl. Baby tricks mommy.

Popsicles & lowering crib.

So Coop pulled himself up to standing in his crib. After I sat him back down bc I needed to finish cleaning, he stood right back up and this time thought it’d be a good idea to climb over the crib rail (would be the first time). He got as far as scaring me with his foot off the mattress before he smacked his tooth on the rail… called advice nurse & she recommended a popsicle to reduce swelling… Alright. Pretty sure Coop just figured out how to get sugar from me. Coop is ok. Happy. Sugar. Lowering crib tonight.

Recipe for sweet smelling baby poop

Feed 1/4 cup rice cereal with milk to hungry baby. Puree banana and cinnamon to a smooth consistency. Feed to the still hungry never full piggy-hoggy baby.

Let it sit overnight in Chubalub belly for 12 hours. Change diaper. Voila. Banana bread.

My baby loves his puppy, Keely. He is always giggling when she is around. Warms my heart because after all Keely was my *first baby. :-) Also? I love his face when she walks away.